Our Standard Tenancy Agreement is for 52 weeks starting 1st July and ending 30th June.

We offer 50% discounted rent for 8 weeks of the summer period (from 1st July – 26th August) for non – occupancy.

Therefore, the rent payable is EQUIVILANT TO 48 WEEKS OF RENT.

If you require a different tenancy length, please contact us to discuss.

If you can provide a UK based Guarantor, then you can pay using either of the below options

OPTION 1 - In 4 instalments as follows:

Payment 1 - Due 1st July 2024 - 12 weeks payable but equivalent to 8 weeks with the 50% discounted rent for non-occupancy.

Payment 2 - Due 23rd September  2024 - 16 weeks payable.

Payment 3 - Due 6th January 2025 - 16 weeks payable.

Payment 4 - Due 28th 2025 April - 8 weeks payable.

OPTION 2 - Monthly

The monthly amount payable is calculated by dividing the annual rent payable over 12 months. 

Calculation: Weekly rent x 48 / 12 months

If you are unable to provide a UK Guarantor, then you would need to pay using one of the below options:

OPTION 1  - In full as follows:

1 payment - Due 1st June 2024 - Annual amount payable

OPTION 2 - In 2 equal payments as follows:

Payment 1 -  due 1st June 2024 - 50% of the annual rent payable.

Payment 2 - Due 1st September 2024 - 50% of the annual rent payable.

Did you know?

There are professional agencies who can assist students who cannot provide a Guarantor. Check out  HOUSING HANDS


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